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AbbVie tries to escape accountability for overcharging the Dutch healthcare system by 1.2 billion Euros

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS: In February of 2023, the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation (PAF) brought a lawsuit against the company on the grounds that AbbVie had abused...

The Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation’s case against AbbVie: The Facts

Version 15 November 2023 About Adalimumab/Humira and pricing issues AbbVie’s blockbuster drug Adalimumab (brand name: Humira) for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is one of the best...

Answers to written Parliamentary questions by members Ellemeet and Westerveld (both Groenlinks) on the FtV lawsuit against AbbVie

Download the original (Dutch) here: antwoorden-op-kamervragen-over-de-rechtszaak-van-stichting-farma-ter-verantwoording-tegen-farmaceut-abbvieDownload Download the English translation here: Answers-to-written-Parliamentary-questions-on-FtV-case-against-AbbVieDownload

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Cases and Case Studies

We investigate when companies may have charged excessive prices for medicines, and may bring cases if malfeasance is found.

Legal Guidelines for Public Health

Our most up-to-date information on how to use the law to ensure fair medicines prices.

Fair Pharma Scorecard

The Scorecard ranks pharmaceutical companies that made Covid-19 vaccines and therapuetics on how well their policies and practices reflect a commitment to human rights principles.