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Access to medicines is a human right

At Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation, we believe the pharmaceutical industry has to be held accountable when they limit needed access by raising prices to unsustainable levels in pursuit of unfair profits. We therefore investigate cases of pharmaceutical company abuse of market exclusivity rights to keep prices high at the expense of public health. We then work to inform the public, or take legal action if necessary.


Why is medical technology so very expensive? There are many issues in the way we currently incentivise innovation.


There are several legal and policy solutions to stop misconduct, high prices, and limited access to medicines.


Examples of excessive pricing we have marked for investigation, or find illustrative of systemic challenges.

Recent News

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Martina Liccardo’s take on the role of the European Medicine Agency in Leadiant’s price misuse with CDCA

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Pharma companies mostly fail to meet human rights principles, but a few show promise

The new Fair Pharma Scorecard – developed by the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation – shows that 19 out of 26 pharmaceutical companies scored poorly on their...

How Fair is Pharma?

The Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation invites you to join our event presenting the Fair Pharma Scorecard, on Thursday 30 June 4PM CET.  Please register here. Fair Pharma Scorecard To...

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