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The Power of Law: Webinar record and sheets

We feel inspired by yesterday’s engaging event. Panelists shared their stories about using legal strategies for promoting access to medicines, ranging from HIV treatment action campaigns, using human rights to promote access to medicines in Brazil, compulsory licensing in Russia, TRIPS flexibilities, and the possibility of holding pharma accountable under international human rights law.

When pharma conducts ‘business as usual’, we continue with ‘action as usual’. 

Wilbert Bannenberg, PAF chair

You can watch the full discussion on YouTube.

Here are the presentations and links shared in chat by panelists: Ellen ‘t Hoen’s (full) presentation and MLP on TRIPS flexibilities. Mark Heywood mentioned the social justice and human rights publication Maverick Citizen. Sergey Golovin’s presentation. Felipe Carvalho’s presentation, mentioning of civil society declaration and a HIV law report. Nele Meyer spoke about A Double Dose of Inequality.

Soon we will publish Legal Guidelines for NGOs for Access to Medicines, to share knowledge and expertise on the issues raised during the Webinar on 22nd November. 

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