Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation

Interview in pharmaceutical journal

We want to address legal principles: about a duty of care for pharmaceutical companies and excessively priced medicines

Recently, the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation (Farma ter Verantwoording) was on the cover of the Pharmaceutical Weekly Journal (Pharmaceutisch Weekblad, PW). PAF’s Wilbert Bannenberg and Richard van Slobbe were interviewed about PAFs mission and goal.

“The Pharmaceutical Accountability acts on pharma pirates who abuse their economic dominance and massively raise drug prices. The initiators would like pharmacists to also rally behind them. “By signing our endorsement letter pharmacists show the Dutch people, but especially their patients, how they feel about excessive high prices and the behavior of pharmaceutical companies.“‘

Read the full article here (Article in Dutch).

Next to being on the cover, the issues we raised in the interview were mentioned in the editorial and the weekly cartoon.

‘Look, another example of a bizarre price increase’ [from 600, now only 500 times more exprensive] ‘and they dare to market it as an offer…’

This journal is the main pharmaceutical journal pharmacists use to stay up-to-date in their field. It is sent to 7000 pharmacists every week.

Want to sign the endorsement letter we mention in the article? You can find it under ‘Support Us