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Launching the ‘Guidelines for Responsible Pharmaceutical Behaviour in Covid-19’

We have been reaching out to producers of vaccines and therapeutics against Covid-19 to score them on their behaviour regarding equitable distribution of Covid-19 medical products. This information is then released in our GCCP scorecard. We think it’s time that these companies have a guiding framework on how to act responsibly during this pandemic.

Therefore, PAF has developed a set of recommendations for pharmaceutical companies to improve their practices. The ‘Guidelines for Responsible Pharmaceutical Behaviour in Covid-19’ are available here. These Guidelines are the principles that PAF uses to make the GCCP ranking, which are in turn inspired by international human rights standards.

The inequalities in access to Covid-19 medical products is in part due to companies not adhering to the GCCP criteria. Pharmaceutical companies have a duty of care. It is essential to recognise and reinforce this idea during a global health crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

These recommendations are directed exclusively at pharmaceutical companies in a bid to guide them towards more ‘responsible’ behaviour. Although they were developed in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, we see it as their duty to adhere to these practices in relation to all medical products and at all times.

Read the guidelines here and share with your networks to increase the circulation of the guidelines!  

PAF’s primary mission is to first engage with pharmaceutical companies to encourage them to change their practices, in a bid for a more equitable distribution of essential medicines. If necessary, PAF then takes legal action. Check our page on ‘legal action’ for more information.

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