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Making Pharma Fair: webinar record and links

Record and links to the 3 March webinar on PAF's Guidelines for Responsible Pharmaceutical Behvaiour

On Thursday 3 March the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation hosted the Making Pharma Fair Webinar, with panelists Hans Hogerzeil, Ella Weggen and Jaume Vidal. Occassion for organizing the webinar are our recently published Guidelines for Responsible Pharmaceutical Behaviour, which Rosalind Turkie presented.

Missed the webinar or want to listed back a part of the interesting discussions we had?

Here are all used slides during presentations and the webinar record on Youtube.

These are the sites, documents and video’s shared during presentations and chats:

pharmaceutical companies are seen as actors of the private sector, but they operate in the public health sector. That comes with responsibilities.”

Ella Weggen on pharmaceutical corporate responsibility