Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation

How Fair is Pharma?

Fair Pharma Scorecard Event 30 June 4-6 PM CET

The Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation invites you to join our event presenting the Fair Pharma Scorecard, on Thursday 30 June 4PM CET

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Fair Pharma Scorecard

To what extent do pharmaceutical companies comply with human rights during the Covid-19 pandemic? Do they serve the global public interest and the right to access to life-saving health products, or can and must they do better for the common good?

The Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation provides crystal-clear and confronting answers with the Fair Pharma Scorecard, a ranking of 26 pharmaceutical companies based on their compliance with relevant human rights principles. It shows how they perform when it comes to human rights commitments, transparency, international cooperation, and equality, non-discrimination and equity.

Event programme

In this online event, we present the results of the scorecard. Which companies score worst, and which companies score best on human rights compliance? Which practices are guiding lights for pandemic preparedness and response, and which practices must become ancient history? 

We then discuss the scorecard with the pharmaceutical companies that we have assessed. Dr Maria Elena Bottazzi from Texas Children’s Institute will offer her perspective on the academic value of the Fair Pharma Scorecard.

We hope to see you on Thursday 30 June 4PM CET. Please register here.

This event is organised by the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation with the support of Wemos.