Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation

“Six billion people have access to medicines today. So a lot has been achieved”

Wilbert Bannenberg, Chair of the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation, was interviewed by the Volkskrant on his life’s work: promoting global equitable access to medicines. The article is a deep dive into Bannenberg’s personal and professional endeavour to focus the system on equal access, through litigation, among other tactics. From focusing a Ghanaian pharmacy’s procurement strategy on only the medicines that are really needed to treat local diseases, to co-founding Wemos in the Netherlands to sue pharmaceutical company Organon for the harmful side effects of anabolic steroids in the 1970s, and working in the South African ministry of Health during the HIV/AIDS crisis, Bannenberg’s career has culminated in the courtcase against AbbVie in the Netherlands for excessive profit made on drug Humira, with which he hopes to set a legal precedent.

Read the full article in English here. In Dutch.

Credits: Volkskrant NL