Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation

Our legal, medical, and technical policy experts have collected examples where pharmaceutical companies are suspected of using their monopolies to charge excessive prices for their medicines. We investigate these and, if evidence of malfeasance is found, may bring a case.

Cases of Interest

High-priced medicines we are researching for potential evidence of misconduct or poor pricing practices. Click on the medicine name to learn more.

Legal Action

Examples of medicines where evidence justified legal action (either ongoing or completed) to stop unfair pricing practices. Click on the medicine name to learn more.

Chenodeoxycholic Acid (CDCA Leadiant)

CDCA treats a rare disease called Cerebrotendinous Xanthomathosis (CTX), which prevents the body from processing cholesterols.

Other Cases of Interest:

  • mexiletine (Namuscla, message in Dutch only)
  • pyrimethamine (Daraprim)
  • lithium (Priadel)

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We investigate practices around the accessibility and availability of medicines, and call pharmaceutical companies to account if these are unacceptable. If necessary, we take legal action. But we cannot do this alone – please support us!
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