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Fighting Covid-19 requires us to improve practices

In the midst of a global pandemic, there is an urgent need to accelerate research, development, production, and deployment of diagnostics, treatments, vaccines and other health technologies. It is equally critical that these technologies are affordable and available to all: the continued presence of Covid-19, no matter where it is, puts the entire global population at risk. Therefore we have come up with the Covid-19 Practices.

We also create a scorecard that ranks pharmaceutical companies on their compliance with a set good practices that we have set out in a series of guidelines.

Good Covid-19 Company Practices

The Good Covid-19 Company Practices aim to maximize transparent and equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics by monitoring and stimulating companies developing these products to adhere to Good Company Practices.

What are the GCCP?  These are 19 good practices that pharmaceutical developers/manufacturers of Covid-19 vaccines & therapeutics should undertake to align their actions with human rights principles and international standards for equitable access to medicines. The GCCP scorecard will illustrate how selected companies are performing on these 19 good practices. Each company can receive a green, yellow, or red score on those practices that can be judged based on information in the public domain or provided by the company. The 19 practices are based on human rights principles and international standards:

A           Commitments & Accountability

  • A1          The company publishes a global access plan for its product.
  • A2          The company commits to comply with human rights in product development & marketing.

T           Transparency

  • T1          The company publishes its R&D costs.
  • T2          The company publishes its profit margin.
  • T3          The company publishes the average and/or marginal costs of production.
  • T4          The company publishes its production capacity
  • T5          The company publishes the public subsidies it received during product development and/or testing.
  • T6          The company publishes the text of licensing agreements.
  • T7          The company registers its clinical trials in public repositories.

C           International cooperation

  • C1          The company commits to supporting a responsible licensing mechanism, such as C-TAP or MPP
  • C2          The company commits to not enforcing the exclusive rights of Covid-19 related patents.
  • C3          The company supplies to, or signs agreements with, the vaccines or therapeutics pillar of the ACT Accelerator.
  • C4          The company agrees to license its Covid-19 medical products to other companies.

E           Equality, non-discrimination & equity

  • E1          The company makes the active ingredient available on reasonable grounds. [only for pharmaceuticals]
  • E2          The company commits to full technology transfer to other manufacturers.
  • E3          The company commits to non-profit or ‘fair’ pricing.
  • E4          The company equitably distributes supplies globally. [Only applies to vaccines]
  • E5          The company does not seek protection beyond the minimum criteria in TRIPS, or enforce TRIPS+ measures. [where applicable]
  • E6          The company agrees to waive exclusive rights in regulatory test data [where applicable].

Download the Scoring Criteria.

How were these 19 Good Covid-19 Company Practices selected? They were developed by translating global human rights principles and international standards into concrete company practices. The 19 Good Practices were selected and refined through iterative review rounds by experts from FtV’s Board, Advisory Board, and the Covid-19 Innovations for All consortium. The main legal base is the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health and the right of everyone to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications in the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, as well as The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the Human Rights Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Companies in relation to Access to Medicines (2008). Download the methodology report.

Which companies were selected to be scored? Covid-19 vaccine and therapeutics developers and/or manufacturers with products in phase 3 clinical trials, with (emergency / restricted) use authorization, or market authorization in any country were selected. Currently we are monitoring these companies:

Note: the 2021 GCCP Scorecard was replaced by the 2022 Fair Pharma Scorecard, which measures 30 products of 26 companies.

The 2021 GCCP scorecard is however still available from our archives:

Download the GCCP Scorecard in PDF

Download the GCCP Scorecard in .png

Download the GCCP Policy Paper

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