Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation

In a pandemic, no one is safe until everyone is safe

Fighting a pandemic means urgently researching, developing, and producing countermeasures. It is equally critical that these technologies are rapidly affordable and available to all. How well did companies do on both measures? We rank them, and provide guidelines for improvement.

The Fair Pharma Scorecard

The 2022 Fair Pharma Scorecard ranks 30 different Covid-19 products produced by 26 companies, based on how closely companies chose to adhere to human rights commitments, transparency, international cooperation, and equality, non-discrimination and equity. 

The scorecard and several related materials (guidelines for better behaviour, methodology information, and policy recommendations) are on a dedicated website, Access it by clicking below.

Archive: Good Covid-19 Company Practices

Note: The 2021 Good Covid-19 Company Practices (GCCP) Scorecard was replaced by the 2022 Fair Pharma Scorecard.

The GCCP aimed to maximise transparent and equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics by monitoring and evaluating companies developing these products on 19 practices aligned with human rights principles and international standards for equitable access to medicines. The 2021 GCCP scorecard archives can be accessed via the links below.