Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation

We work to stop pharmaceutical companies that engage in abusive pricing. You can help us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Donations

What does the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation (FtV) do with my money? The Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation has two important tasks. The first is to inform the public. We provide information about abuses in the pharmaceutical sector insofar as they relate to the accessibility of medicines in the broadest sense of the word. Second, we take legal action if necessary, bringing lawsuits in order to favourably influence the price of a medicine when we find cases of pharmaceutical company abuse.

How much of my donation actually goes to charity? The statutes of the association stipulate that at least 90% of donations go to charity. Your donation is spent on, for example, legal costs associated with a lawsuit. Maintenance of the website and the rental of the web domain, which makes us findable and enables us to communicate about our work, are also paid with donations.

What is the main goal of the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation? We are committed to affordable and accessible medicines and medical products. All drugs must be marketed at an fair and credible price. It is logical and acceptable that a drug whose ingredients or manufacturing costs are high is more expensive than, for example, paracetamol. However, it is unacceptable if a pharmaceutical company from a monopoly position decides to ‘suddenly’ increase the selling price of a medicine five hundredfold if that medicine was previously affordable.

Who benefits from the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation? We stand up for the public interest. So basically everyone can benefit from the activities of FtV. However, because the medicines on which we work usually treat very rare conditions, those patients suffering from those conditions benefit the most. We work according to the principle of equality: everyone has an equal right to affordable therapy or medicine.

How can I donate? The easiest way is to use the form above. It does not matter whether you want to donate once, periodically or for a period of a 5 years.

How do I donate with tax benefits? One-off or incidental gifts are tax deductible in the Netherlands if they total more than 1% of your aggregate income on an annual basis. A maximum of 10% of your aggregate income applies. Suppose your joint annual income is € 35,000, then the threshold for the deduction is € 350 and the maximum deduction is € 3,500. Your income is taxed at 37%. If you donate € 500 to the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation in 1 year, then € 150 of this will fall within 1 to 10% of the aggregate income. You can then deduct this amount from your taxable income. This means that you have 37% of € 150.00 (that is € 56.00) as a tax benefit.
Prefer a fully deductible donation? That is also possible. To do this, you support the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation for at least five consecutive years with a fixed amount. This donation must be recorded in a deed, but we can help with that. Please contact

How does the payment process work? We do not work with direct debits, so you don’t have to worry about tacitly transferring money to us for years. One-off and incidental donations are made via an iDEAL payment. For a 5-year donorship, you will receive an annual invoice for the agreed amount.

I live abroad. Can I also donate? Of course! Donations are welcome from all over the world. We must honestly say that the tax benefit only applies to taxpayers in the Netherlands.