Overview all Issues

We have identified several issues that can be the origin of a highly priced medicine. Please find an overview of all issues below.

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No Product
* Limited public interest
* Financialization of R&D (Profit motive)
* Market failure (Offer & Demand)
Acces problems due to monopoly
* Patent or IP legislation
* Supplementary protection certificates
* Data exclusivity
* Orphan market exclusivity
* Only one product registered
* No generic or therapeutic competition
* Supply chain issues
* API monopoly
Acces problems due to high prices
* High prices due to monopoly
* High prices not due to monoply 
* High production costs
* High ingredient costs
Acces problems due to other barriers
* Weak health system
* Weak distribution system
* Registration barriers
* Financing or insurance barriers
No Legislative Enabling Environment
* Competition law poorly applied
* Lack of political will
* Corruption or corporate crimes
* Legislation not supporting access
* Non-evidence based medicine
* Bias influencing prescribers