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How Fair is Pharma?

The Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation invites you to join our event presenting the Fair Pharma Scorecard, on Thursday 30 June 4PM CET.  Please register here. Fair Pharma Scorecard To...

After Netherlands and Israel, now Italy: Leadiant fined for excessive price

Bergeijk, June 2, 2022 The Italian Competition Authority (ICA) decided on 31 May that pharmaceutical company Leadiant has charged the Italian National Health Service excessive prices...

‘The era of Pharma Piracy and Greedy Pharma is over’

Find the original (Dutch) article here. Gerard Schouw responded on April 21 to the column by Marcel Levi, who two weeks earlier called for people...

Vacature: bestuurslid FtV

Farma ter Verantwoording is een ANBI Stichting die middels voorlichting, onderhandeling en eventuele juridische procedures wil bereiken dat geneesmiddelen op een betaalbare manier beschikbaar komen....

A step closer to realising access to corona vaccines and medicines for everyone

Wemos and the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation are proud and pleased to receive a donation of 500,000 euros from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery. With this...

Making Pharma Fair: webinar record and links

On Thursday 3 March the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation hosted the Making Pharma Fair Webinar, with panelists Hans Hogerzeil, Ella Weggen and Jaume Vidal. Occassion for...

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Featured, 24 February, The British Medical Journal: Sharifah Sekalala, Katrina Perehudoff et al. An intersectional human rights approach toprioritising access to COVID-19 vaccines.


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