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Solutions for better access to medicines

Pharmaceutical company abuse of their market position to garner ever higher profits at the expense of public health should not be allowed. Fortunately there are several steps that governments and health advocates can take to stop the sacrifice of patients’ needs in the name of maximising corporate paydays. We inform you about the solutions for better access to medicines.

Seeking innovation and access

A better system for innovation on and access to health technologies is possible. Where innovation is driven by public health priorities rather than profit potential. Where there are limitations on abuse of market exclusivity to stifle competition and keep prices high. And where a public-health focussed enabling environment facilitates both new research and access to its fruits. On this page we have collected a number of possible solutions to the challenges laid out on our issues page. Ideas for these solutions have been compiled from government and parliamentary reports, industry and professionals’ organisations, NGOs and think tanks. If you see a solution missing, please let us know; we will be happy to add it here. Promising ideas are outlined below, divided loosely into three broad categories.

Better Innovation Models

Innovation models that “delink” the cost of research and development from the eventual price of a medical product offer the potential to separate incentives for research and development from profit and to allow for a more public-health focused agenda.

Improved Access

There are several ways to bring down high prices or limit monopolies that hinder access to medicines. Strategies can include encouraging competition, capping medicine prices, or taking solidarity action on rare or hard-to-treat diseases, among others.

Strong Enabling Environment

Governments and intergovernmental bodies have the power to set better legislation or to better enforce existing legislation in order to optimise innovation and access to meet pressing public health needs. Public awareness can also play a key role.

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