Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation

Medicines should be affordable and accessible

When pharmaceutical companies drive up prices unjustly, they limit access to care. The Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation uses the law to fight for fair prices that are essential to the human right to health. See our areas of work below.

Cases and Case Studies

Our legal, medical, and technical policy experts have collected examples where pharmaceutical companies are suspected of using their monopolies to charge excessive prices for their medicines. We investigate these and, if evidence of malfeasance is found, may bring a case.

Legal Guidelines for Public Health

Our impact is in more than just our direct work: Cases we have won in the Netherlands have inspired and informed successful cases in many other countries. We take our most up-to-date information on how to use the law to ensure fair medicines prices and share it with others interested in working to hold the pharma sector to account.

Covid-19: Ranking Company Behavior

In the early days of the pandemic, billions in public financing were mobilised for research and development on Covid-19. But that did not lead to equitable access to resulting vaccines and therapeutics. The 2022 Fair Pharma Scorecard ranks 30 different Covid-19 products produced by 26 companies, based on how closely companies chose to adhere to human rights commitments.

Information on Issues & Solutions

Pharmaceutical companies are failing a duty of care. They are offered exclusive rights to incentivise medicine development, but in return set prices that hinder health system functioning. How does this happen? And what can be done to fix it? We aim to inform the public on the issues - and potential solutions - to meeting the human right to the highest attainable standard of health.